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    Courageous Arts is about being vulnerable and having courage to push past limitations and to create an extraordinary life with an open heart and full expression.

    When your heart is open, you feel expansive, you accept yourself where you are now, and allow love to flow in and out from your true essence. Life’s challenges offer us a chance to see obstacles as lessons and opportunities, or dreadful circumstance. 

    The creative process requires a huge leap into the unknown. During the workshops, you choose your themes of colors, animals, symbols, and metaphors. You are provided the opportunity to know your innermost parts in a creative and playful way to find balance all of who you are; mind, body, and soul.

    As a group, we experience the joy of being alive and experiencing our physical and emotional strength and grace.  You tell your story of awaking, growing, and what it means to be human in a dreamy, painterly narrative. Through trusting, having courage and being vulnerable, we discover our own truths and have the experience of being known, and through this we have the ability to shine our light brightly into the world. 

    Courageous Arts is a safe space where you can come be yourself and discover your creative inner child again. Everyone is creative as a child. Unfortunately many of us lose sight of our playful, resourceful self. Come play and uncover your authentic artistic expression.

    Creative Based Approach

    Personal Coaching

    One-on-one expressive art therapy personalized to unearth your authentic, creative self. Personal coaching is the most transformative approach tailored to serve you at the deepest level of your genuine, resourceful self. 

    Tailored Workshops

    We co-create a customized program to meet your specific needs either for you or your group.  Some of the benefits of expressive art is it relieves and reduces resistance to stress, enhances cognitive abilities and memory, and improves creative thinking to solve problems. 

    Public Workshops

    Expressive arts workshops in a group setting provide you with the opportunity to gain increased self-esteem, build your strengths to enhance psychological resilience, and become happier through connection, courage, contribution, and compassion.


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